A Power Battery & Pumpkin Bombs

Created for a modeling contest that was movie prop themed. Sadly, I didn't win, but it did (clearly) spark most of these pieces afterward. So, the first image I actually was really proud of because I did the get shape right and it was recognizable as a part of Green Goblin's arsenal. The great thing about this contest though is people were seeking ongoing criticism and improving their renders.

The main piece of advice received was to crank up the lighting and use BlenderKit for materials. I haven't gone back since, and the new long-term goal is to learn how to modify these materials and customize them further to suit an object's needs. That's partially why there's a little difference between the middle picture and the video below, experimenting.

The second one can be downloaded here, and the third one below can be downloaded here! You really don't want the first one. Also, I keep playing around with this project.

Getting away from villain props opened things up a little. I learned how to properly import and use an SVG to add the Lantern's symbol. Making the logo from scratch wasn't working, and making the ring from scratch wasn't working. I used varunbmohindra's ring as a starting point. The battery was worked out, luckily.

The battery can be downloaded here, and the ring can be downloaded here!