Eddie Thomson: Accountant, Writer, Content Creator

Edward "Eddie" Thomson combines analysis with creativity as a film and media writer, a content creator, and an accountant with an MBA in Public Accountancy.

Professional headshot of Edward "Eddie" Thomson, a film and media writer, content creator, and accountant. Eddie is wearing a suit and tie and smiling.

Name: Edward "Eddie" Thomson

Age: 31

Fields: Primary - Accounting
Secondary - Film and Media

Locations: Wappingers Falls, NY

Alma Mater: SUNY New Paltz (B.S and MBA)

Certifications: CPA Candidate and CMA Candidate


I'm a little bit analytical and a little bit creative.

I am happily working as a Staff Accountant for Golden Link Inc., staying at the forefront of the film industry through the officially licensed products that we create and sell.

For my written work and videos that demonstrated my passion for the field and helped me secure this job, please check out my sister site, Why We Watch, and its YouTube channel. There, you can find fan-made fan trailers, movie reviews, 3D models, podcast guest appearances, and more.