About Eddie Thomson: Professional & Creative Experience

I have professional experience as an accountant and bookkeeper, and creative experience as a writer and content creator, specifically in film critiques.


In December of 2019, I earned my MBA, with a focus in Public Accountancy, from SUNY New Paltz. While I prepare for the CPA exams, I’d like to continue working and honing my skill set. One way I did that while under quarantine is taking a remote temporary job with We Ship Express that involved pricing out and invoicing orders for, at our busiest, approximately 100 clients a week.

While in school, I was primarily working for the marketing agency Grace Innovation as a part-time bookkeeper and remote office assistant. I kept their Accounts Payable and Receivable up to date, imported and categorized expenses, ran payroll, and automated invoices sent to clients. Outside of bookkeeping, I also assisted with preparing proposals we sent to clients and checking social media posts before they were approved by our clients and posted on their accounts.

As an undergrad, I was a member of their Gaming Society, where I did P.R work. Also, with the supervision of their Media & Journalism Society, I planned a screening of the documentary Trichster to raise awareness about the disorder trichotillomania.


I live in Montgomery and plan to move to NYC or California to pursue my love of film. I'm an avid movie watcher, and I critique and edit them (mostly) as a fun hobby. I know I have a unique take on film critique and am working to turn that into a professional path. Who knows - I could combine accounting with my film hobby to become an accountant at a fantastic film company!