Fan Made Commercials: Original Videos and Re-Cut Edits

I created these fan made commercial videos, both original concepts and re-edited cuts, to experiment with new video production and editing techniques.

I'm a big fan of Vudu and this service, but the main reason I made this was to try to experiment and expand a little bit. It was my first time directing actors, and it was my first time putting captions in a video, so that's what made it something worth working on.

Just trying out different things with the channel, as I continue through a bit of a slump with trailers, reviews, and stuff like that.

Credits are inside the video. Please check out the work of the other people who helped put this together. It just would've stayed on the page without them. 

This is an updated version that includes video.

Again, credits are inside the video.

Months later I tried something a bit different for Snickers, recutting an older ad for TikTok.