Fan-Made Movie Posters: Original Alternative Designs 

These fan-made movie poster designs include mashups of two films into one original design, Photoshop Battle entry posters, and other alternative edits.

Fanmade movie poster mashup of Enlightened and Bojack Horseman

Amy (Laura Dern) in Enlightened walked so that Diane (Alison Brie) in Bojack Horseman could run. I recommend both shows and Kirsten Dunst's On Becoming a God in Central Florida

Fanmade movie poster mashup of Scenes from a Marriage and Marriage Story

A simple mashup

Fanmade movie poster mashup of Shutter Island and The Lighthouse

Mixed Shutter Island and The Lighthouse. Movie Whisperer did a great trailer with that same idea

Fanmade movie poster mashup of Wall Street and The Wolf of Wall Street

Another simple mashup. I'm surprised there aren't a ton just like this out there

Fanmade movie poster mashup of Batman Returns and The Batman

I'm surprised there isn't more of this too. I just added text to the official art. It's also for my review

Movie Poster for Trichster,  customized for a screening at Rosendale Theatre

Just modified the existing poster to add specific screening information

Fanmade movie poster mashup of Daredevil and The Kitchen

Mixed The Kitchen with Daredevil

Fanmade movie poster for America the Motion Picture with the producers listed as the cast

Changed the producer credits to a cast list

Fanmade movie poster for Don't Worry Darling created from a Photoshop Battle prompt

The day after I saw Don't Worry Darling, somone made this Photoshop Battle post. I had to follow through

Fanmade comic book cover poster for The Astonishing Ant-Man

An Ant-Man variant cover for a podcast appearance. Their Patreon has a bonus episode with me too

Fanmade movie poster mashup of Prometheus and Knocked Up

Mixed Prometheus and Knocked Up. For an explanation of why, please read this

Fanmade movie teaser poster with an original Doctor Strange concept

Commissioned a Doctor Strange teaser poster, based on my own concept

Fanmade comic poster with an original Doctor Strange concept

A comic version with a hospital created by jdva3d