Harley & Riddler

Harley's Bat and Mallet

Repurposed months later

These, like the Pumpkin Bomb, were for a movie prop-themed modeling contest. Birds of Prey was one of the last movies I saw in theaters, and it's one reason these a real labor of love. Speaking of which, Birds of Prey and both seasons of DC Universe's Harley Quinn are reviewed on Why We Watch.

They were made after the Pumpkin Bomb, so lighting and materials had a good base, and I was able to push that further. Diamonds were added to the BlenderKit textures in Gimp. Gimp was also used to add color to the mallet handle, since straight chrome would've felt too plain.

They can be downloaded, together, with a bonus, non-tennis ball morning star, here!

Cruella's Bat, Mallet, and Morningstar

Cruella, also reviewed, inspired a quick re-skin. The tennis ball wasn't made by me.

The Riddler's Cane

Made shortly after the trailer for The Batman. The main point of pride here is that the question mark shape came out perfectly and I was able to create something seamless using a single, modified, curve. Sadly, it was created well after the movie prop contest.

It can be downloaded here!