Plank, Pig, & Duck

Well-Lit Plank

Playing with lighting and render settings

Under-Lit Plank

Plank was inspired by a friend and fellow Ed, Edd n Eddy fan. The one thing of significance worth mentioning is that the eyes and smile had to be painted with a mouse as a separate texture, and mixed with BlenderKit's wood material in the node editor. Not a challenge at all, but nodes are still very new to me, so putting lessons to work was a tiny accomplishment.

Pig Model

After some sculpting tutorials, I wanted to try to make a wolf. The plan was to 3d print him for my mom's birthday. Things went south fast around the nose/snout area, but salvaging him turned into a fun experiment. I also learned why teeth should always be done as separate objects. He probably would've looked a lot worse if he wasn't pink.

Daffy Duck

Similar circumstances to the pig. Playing around with sculpting led to some good luck and something that could be refined into more than a lump of clay. On top of that, I went into animation with the hope of doing Looney Tune and Tex Avery-like shorts one day. Cartoons that edge more toward exaggeration than realism have always enthralled me. Bugs Bunny and Jim Carrey in The Mask are future sculpts, that's for sure!